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Hi Ian
Get well soon.
I am the person u bailed out with the Bascom code for rs422 code for my RoV
Yes it’s working a treat with 60 meters dive with no leaks.
Regards to your family.

Antony Marian and Alex

Why do you have so young children? You get older too :))
Many greatings from Krefeld in Germany. We love you your Family from Visit in Germany

Yvonne and Samantha
Krefeld , de - 8:51 3.6.2006
Hello Ian.
Finally got around to visiting your site. Enjoyed it. Have a question regarding PID which I will raise on the Bascom forum.

Ross McKenzie <>
Melbourne, au - 2:19 15.5.2006
tanx dear friend because of your helps, your site is very interesting and is going to be in the bookmark.
best wishes for you and your family
amir from iran

amir <>
tehran, ir - 14:01 25.2.2006
Nach deiner Antwort zu capture1 im Forum bin ich über deine Seite gestolpert. Die Webcam gsteuert über das Internet ist beeindruckend. Hab eine Krähe gesehen ;-)

bis dann

Frank <>
de - 16:15 13.2.2006
Enjoyed your website, it's definitely one of the best i've seen in a long time.
Oswin <>
USA, af - 17:20 13.1.2006
Yes I agree with the others your web cam looks great, nice litle project there well done. The Silly Things page was a crack up nearly fell off the chair......any way later huh!


prolater <>
Vic, au - 16:50 19.6.2005
Wow, just a quick hello from down under. Your web Cam project is amazing! Keep it up & i hope you feel better!

P.S; nice cactus!

Tank <>
Melb, au - 11:06 17.4.2005
great page love the web cam i will try to rebuild it. did you ever try to make a lamp what turn on when its dark then we could see even when its night. great cactus
Patrick <>
poznan, pl - 16:29 8.4.2005
Great webcam - very entertaining. I've written about it here
Flashman <>
Sydney, au - 14:47 20.1.2005
Very nice Web cam project there!!!
Good work :)

au - 3:15 13.1.2005
Hi, Nice projects ! I´m interesting in the UDP/CAM project. I have a also a crazy idea to have a camera in waterproof house at the bottom of my fishpond :-). By the way: I do not by anything from IKEA.
Best regards /Sam

Sam Berglund <>
Göta, se - 15:02 8.11.2004
Hi there, me again I am sorry I was stupid, found the guides now, keep up the good work =)
Andrew Stewart <>
Holmesville, au - 13:05 6.11.2004
Hiya there, I love your Webcam set up, would you mind letting me/any one else who wants to know how you made the LCD? and is there a way to controll it from the server (I am gussing there is) could you please email me leave a message here with the information on it thanks =)
Andrew C. Stewart <>
Holmesville, au - 13:00 6.11.2004
Great site ! Love the webcam with servos. Another reason the picture may be blank is because its night-time ! (realized that only after changing firewall settings
Mark <>
Melbourne, au - 2:13 17.10.2004
Wonderful site. I enjoyed playing with the webcam and the LEDs. Nice cactus, also. Here's hoping your ailments aren't too debilitating and all goes well for you in the near future.
Craig Sunderland <>
Brisbane, au - 7:30 17.8.2004
Greetings from Murray Bridge in Australia bud,
Umm great site man except when i was looking the cam was down. Besides that you've done an excellent job...

MudBlood <>
Murray Bridge, au - 17:04 15.8.2004
Cool page see you on seti :)
us - 9:35 15.7.2004
Great and very usefull website.
Greetings, Claudia

new balance shoes <>
Braunschweig, de - 18:17 13.5.2004
Was just showing someone "one" webcam on hcam. By accidentit was yours *smile*. Great job with the leds and the servos!

Mad Scientistfrom Germany
Sokrates <>
Darmstadt, de - 17:33 13.5.2004
Play with your cam....liked it... busy with the same....

--- cu ---

Arjan Swets
Rotterdam, nl - 21:00 12.5.2004
Hello Ian,
I was surfing around today and come across your site.
I had a great visit. Thank you for the phantastic moments here. You make a good work.
I hope you have a lot of cool moments in your life.
I wish you the best.
Many Greetings from Germany

Bernd John <>
Schwarzenbruck, de - 18:34 5.5.2004
This site is very interesting and informativ, thanx and go on like this.

pc-komplettsystem <>
Berlin, de - 17:48 22.3.2004
Good stuff..enjoyed the web cam...was worried if i moved it too fast it might break..hehee...
London, uk - 13:31 18.3.2004
Ian, fantastic site, thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge. Hoping to do something similar myself, but without your inspiration, would not have known where to start...great links for all the projects. Thank you and good luck, (hope you are now well). xxx
jim + joanne <>
Manchester (City), uk - 9:18 11.2.2004
Hi Ian!
I'm sorry to hear about your visit to the hospital. I hope that you will have a quick recovery. Frohe Weihnachten from all of us to all of you!

Arent <>
Södertälje, se - 22:46 14.12.2003
Hi Ian
How do you do after your hospital visit? I hope everything went good and you're home again. Watch yourself and I hope you'll be soon completely fit again. See you, Markus

Markus Sollberger <>
af - 9:53 11.12.2003
Bonjours! Ich bin zufällig auf diese Seite gekommen und muss sagen, sie gefällt mir gut. Über einen Gegenbesuch würde ich mich freuen.:-)
mode <>
Köln, de - 12:48 2.12.2003
Hello, a really interesting experience to visit your website. For sure i will come back soon. greets to all !

antivirus <>
berlin, de - 12:46 27.11.2003
Hallo ,ich bin gerade dabei Ideen für meine HP zu suchen.Und bin dabei auf diese Seite gestoßen.!Großes Kompliment ,Coole Seite
sms <>
Bonn, de - 17:03 14.10.2003
Very impressive. Saw your cam while brosing hCam views. The sun hadn't come up where I am, but it had where YOU are. Kinda neat to see daylight realtime, not to mention the validation I got from being able to move the servos and VERIFY that it really was daylight realtime that I was seeing.
Thanks for having it up.

Timothy Storer <>
Houston, us - 13:21 29.9.2003
nice site you have! bookmarked it and hope you keep it up! cu
de - 11:55 11.9.2003
Hello Ian,
Long time no see! Thanks for your quick replay in the Fanuc/Intellution forum a couple a days ago. Any trips to Sweden planed in the future? I really would like to have a beer or two at the pub, and talk about your latest projects.

Best regards Håkan Bodin

Håkan Bodin <>
Strängnäs, se - 23:23 6.9.2003
TEXAS, ad - 3:04 8.8.2003
I found your site linked from my friend's blog (, and I agree with him that your webcam is very cool. It makes me want to do the same thing, but I don't think I have the right sort of knowledge. I think that craigeaux wants to do the same thing, he is more likely to succeed.
Darryn Jones <>
Lane Cove, au - 5:07 29.7.2003
Hi ian,

I came across your website while searching MP3 files. Now you changed the policy, so that I cannot get the files. Anyway, it doesn't matter.. there're still tons of sources for those things. Other than that, I found your projects are interesting, and I would like to take a peek of your source code if you allow.

Last but not least, please bear out the my fellow American. He's blind or doesn't know the full name of his country. :-)

Take care..

Happy Jerkkie(Jay)

Happy Jerkkie <>
Seattle, us - 16:26 31.5.2003
Hi Ian!!
I loved your WebCam base project! Really amazing! :o) Thank you for using Hcam as webcam software!
By the way, if one day you come up with a produc (remote controlled webcam base) let me know and I can add the features to Hcam, so it will be able to control the base directly! :o)

Hey, I didn't find USA in your Country List, so I put my native Country there, but I'm phisically in Denver,CO USA until next year! After that, who knows!!!!!

Haroldo Oliveira <>
Denver,CO, br - 21:40 27.5.2003
Heeyy ! I accidently come to your website (Guestbook), when I searched for my one website (who´s not functionable). But what the "fu.....". Anyway my name is Håkan Bodin (Hakan Bodin in english), but we in Sweden do use the particular dots/or rings above the the vocals !!!

Yet, as I see it, you´re my "twin" naming tourself Hakan Bodin. You´re allowed to mail me if you´re interested to speak or talk/mail further !!

Have a Good Time

// Hakan Bodin

Håkan Bodin <>
Söderhamn, se - 1:12 20.5.2003
Like the web site! Great camera, very coool. Thank-you
Barney Fife <>
Wisconsin, USA, ae - 9:20 10.5.2003
Klasse Seiten!
Weiter so!
Grüße aus Bayreuth


Robert <>
de - 11:38 9.5.2003
af - 20:27 8.5.2003
sweet kisses
au - 12:10 20.4.2003
greetings from germany ... great site!

af - 19:29 10.10.2002
Very good webpage you have here, and best greetings to all your visitors.

You Are also --> WELCOME <-- To Visit My Webpage as well Have BIG fun...

Odinn Thor ... The REAL Viking
Akranes, is - 4:33 5.10.2002
Thank you very much for your help teaching my antique comp. to go online but I never found again.Maybe it's even better to continue with my new adress but now it's time to sleep.Good nite MICHAEL the LICHT
Michael Lichtinghagen <>
Pratteln, ch - 3:34 16.5.2002
Hello Ian!
Thanks for a nice evening at Croc's Inn at Södertälje.
I wish you good luck with the new job, and I hope
to see you again soon.

Kind regards Håkan

Håkan Bodin <>
Strängnäs, se - 21:46 20.1.2002
Hi Ian!
I hope that you have had a nice start of the new year?
I myself have managed quite well, despite the kids who became ill yesterday. Nevertheless, the whole family sends our best wishes to you and your loved ones.
We all hope to meet you soon!
From a wintry Sweden - Arent

Arent <>
Södertälje, se - 17:39 1.1.2002
Hi Ian. Setze mal die Webcam in das Badezimmer.
Ich würde öfters vorbei schauen! Gruss an alle
und Schmutz an die Katze.

Matthieu <you know it>
Djalalalabad, af - 9:02 16.11.2001
Sali Ian,

So jetzt hatte ich endlich mal Zeit deine Homepage zu besichtigen...

Nette Arbeit und tolle Suchmachine! Sie errinert mir irgendwas... Sowie auch den Homepage background.

Alles Gute, Matthieu

- 12:02 10.9.2001
Greeting from SETI-AUSTRIA.....
Berger Harald <>
Pottenstein, at - 18:09 5.5.2001
Hallo Ian,
ich war auf Deiner Web-Site es ist Interessant und lustig
aufgebaut Ich denke Du solltest aber ein paar neuerungen an-
bringen. Es sind ein paar neue Fotos fällig.

Yvonne <>
Basel, af - 13:55 3.10.2000

Hi Ian!
Still no pictures of your extraordinary CPU-cooler?
We're waiting... :-)

Arent <>
Södertälje, se - 16:03 11.9.2000

Thanks for the mail, it had your web site on so I thought I would take a look. My family are all fine, hope yours are too please pass on my regards. I will reply to your mail directly.

Thanks again


Gary Steele <>
Liverpool, uk - 9:04 10.8.2000

Hello . thanks for the last time .( feb in södertälje.)
Nicew place you have .

hope you are well. me ok .

bye bye.

Svempa <>
Örebro, se - 11:41 15.5.2000

I'm looking forward to meet you next week! You are most welcome, and the coffee will be ready. :-)
Arent <>
Södertälje, se - 21:27 20.4.2000

Thanks for the sign, Ian! :-)
Best wishes to you and your family. Come and visit us here at Södertälje, and don't forget Pascal's list-of-wishes... :-)

Arent <>
Södertälje, se - 9:41 12.3.2000

Sorry to disturb you while you're having brekfast with your family... :-) Your WEB-cam is a rather fun item, and the placement isn't bad... :-)

Arent <>
Södertälje, se - 9:26 12.3.2000

Just in case you can't remember who I am, I'm Pete's middle daughter.
As you can see, I can get in here too!!!
I'm very clever if you think about it......
Since we don't really know each other very well, I'd better get going.BYE!!!! :-D

Tricia Brandford
Herzogenbuchsee, ch - 19:15 20.2.2000

Hi Ian,
Finally got my beasty running and saw your mail about the new revised updated improved superdupa mega giga web site.
I must admit I am well impressed; however, whatever makes you think that just because you can do it, anyone can? Everyone who knows you, knows that you are hardly the typical "man in the street" (or "typical" anything for that matter. Keep up the good work anyway; at least it keeps the rest of us humble.

best regards
Pratteln, ch - 16:08 20.2.2000

Hi Ian,

very nice pearl-script to check your SETI server states.

Jörg Hartmann <>
Frankfurt, de - 11:51 20.2.2000

Hi Ian!
I just couldn't resist your guestbook, since you told me about it when you last visited me at the AstraZeneca plant... :-)
Make sure to let me know when you do a visit at my corner of the world. There's always a warm cup of coffe ready for you.

Arent <>
Södertälje, se - 17:50 19.2.2000

Hello this is a test with a working
date function

ian dobson <>
basel, ch - 18:17 16.1.2000

test with old bowser under NT
with multiple lines of text

ian dobson
basel, ch -